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Polarized Resin Single-Vision Lens

Choosing sunglasses should be from viewing the lens first. TOWA Polarized Lens allows you to see more clearly!

An annoying “reflected light” often interferes with our vision under the sun. For example, the strong reflected light from waters, sands, roads, cars and buildings irradiates eyes to blink that are easily cause eyestrain, and damage the eyes. Ordinary sunglasses just through the tinted lenses darken the image that not only cannot isolate reflected light, but also seriously impede the scenery and color identification. Only TOWA Polarized sunglasses lens can be completely isolated from the interference of the reflected light to show true colors and clearly show the original phase vision of primary colors and original appearance!


  • Isolating UV, free from harm (UV Protection)
  • Crush resistance ultra-light lens, wearing safer.
  • Underlying non-reflective multiple coat enables the wearer from the interference of the reflected light generated by the sunlight behind the lens.

The difference between strong light:

Clean the reflective on the water surface, clearly and transparently.

Isolate the reflective pavement for driving safety.

Reduce strong reflected light.

A.Scratch-resistant coating in the front

Scratch resistance is more 4 times than ordinary sunglasses.

B.Poly carbonate resin protective layer

Provide more 10 times of impact resistance than ordinary sunglasses.

C.Polarized lens

HEV Polarized grey lens can eliminate 99.5% of the reflected glare; HEV Polarized brown lens can eliminate 97% of the reflected glare.

D.High Energy Visible(HEV)

More HEV (”blue light”) protection, is better than ordinary sunglasses. The unique design of polarized lens does not distort color perception.

E.Optical polycarbonate resin layer

Thinner and lighter, meet your specific needs.