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Anti-Radiation UV Aspherical Resin Single-Vision Lens

Lens Characteristics

This lens control aberration within the minimum range through R&D of thinner and flatter lens. Using the Hard Coat liquid which is comparable to the refractive index of lens material to develop Primer Coat and Over Coat for processing through Multiple Coat, restricting non-directional reflection to the maximum extent; through Pure Crystal-like lens, let the most beautiful image in the world presented in front of you; as for the lens material, it is to use ultraviolet (UV) absorber to isolate UV which will hinder human health at 400nm.

Difficult to scratch, always keep bright and clean

OVER HARD COAT is use of the scratch-resistant, drug-erosion-resistant technology for super hardening to conduct DIP COAT processing, so that can always remain crystal-like clearness; then with the multiple coat of preventing from reflection and PRIMER COAT, ensure the excellent adhesion more.

Anti-Ultraviolet (UV)

Using special materials completely isolate from the harmful UV, to ensure the health of your eyes.