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TOWA Multi-Focal Lens Premium office series

Indoor evolutionary multifocal

For Long time wear multifocal indoor activities.

In the near for multifocal lenses advantages

Based on your fixed range of lenses and provide appropriate ciliary muscle adjustment, reduce muscle tension of the eyes caused by prolonged close look effectively relieve fatigue, aspheric designed to meet your best hyperopia demand, let your myopia slightlyweak, so that can look more natural.

Specialized lenses designed to make you look at the computer phone more comfortable and effective to reduce eye fatigue and preventing degree increase.

Near multifocal dedicated lens characteristics

  • The aspheric multifocal lenses (slimmer, more beautiful to wear)
  • Provide 30-50 age prolonged use of computer users
  • Specialed in near and the middle area corrective lenses.

PREMIUM tailored personalized order prescription cases reference to the degree of control tableM