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TOWA Multi-Focal Lens Hi-Vision Digital Multi-Focal Series

IInner progressive design: New developed inner surface progressive +inner surface Aspherical design

  • Smooth design of visual field for extended wearing and more comfortable The multi-focal design lens for long-term wearing in indoor activities, when moving, it is smooth not easy to produce visual fatigue and back pain.
  • Stylish appearance is not restricted by power With the most appropriate shape of concave and convex, achieve a high-quality optical performance by appropriate aspherical correction, which has been considered impossible for using in ADD lens.
  • Combining with the inner surface progressive and aspherical design reduces the shaking sense for border vision

Inner Surface Progressive Design

This design can maintain a consistent image curve, successfully improving the shaking and distortion sense.

Inner Surface Aspherical Design

Conduct astigmatism correction and aberration correction in the state of actually wearing glasses. Therefore, comparing with other brand of lens which is not corrected can ensure broader vision.

Using “Movement Arrangement Rules”, deliberate the sight movement of all directions as up and down, right and left and slope of eyeballs.

According to all powers, looking near working distance, basic curves, and lens tilt angle, carry out the most appropriate aspherical corrections.

Hi-Vision Digital Multi-Focal Series

  • Inner Progressive and Inner Aspherical Design: Inner Surface Progressive +Inner Surface Aspherical
  • Both near and far viewing zones obtain a good balance, and the visual effects have been optimized.

Choose based on you usage requirements.