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Multi-Focal Lens ID Frame Series

Inner Surface Progressive +Inner Surface Aspherical Design

In the inner surface of lens, combine with “progressive multi-focal”, “astigmatism correction”, and “Aspherical”, so that outer surface reaches a certain curve, in order to achieve the super level of optical performance.

The advanced “Inner Surface Progressive +Inner Surface Aspherical Design” “Inner Surface Progressive Design” of a lens is combining with progressive band and astigmatism in inner surface. This design can keep a certain curve at outer curve of the lens, and successfully improve shaking and distortion sense.

“Inner Surface Aspherical Design” is an advanced Aspherical design, conducting the astigmatism correction and aberration correction in the state of actually wearing glasses.

Shaking and distortion are reduced by 40%

Reducing shaking with distortion Inner Surface Progressive + Inner Surface Aspherical Design: Due to fixed outer surface, so when you look near or far, the expanding deformation will not arisen because of curve change, and the shaking and distortion generated in the periphery of the lens also can reduce by 40%.

Field of vision is enlarged by 30%

Expanding Visual Field Inner-Surface Progressive +Inner-Surface Aspherical Design: In addition to enhance the optical performance, since progressive zone is closer to the eyes, thus the field of vision could be expanded by 30%, so that the things being watched will be brighter and clearer.

ID Series:Standard/Indoor/Outdoor

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