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Damage of Radiation to Eyes

Since the computerization is popular, for modern people, whether students or officer workers, almost everyone takes a long operation-time job before computer screen, especially office workers who use computers during the day-time, and still continue to receive of TV radiation after work. The impact time of eyes receiving radiation is up to more than ten hours a day, that the situation for office workers’ eye soreness is more obvious.

Prolonged use of computers may cause the temperature rise within the eyeballs to make dry and fatigue of eyes, but also may lead to the generation of cataracts. It is easy to cause damage to the eyes and eyestrain in this cycle of work and rest. In addition to frequent blink of eyes, or use of a wet towel applying on eyes to let eyes rest and relax, to select lenses should attach importance to retaining the purpose of eye protection. In addition to select lightweight and ultra-thin lens, wearing EMI lens to isolate radiation damage is the best choice for eye protection.